August 2003
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Month August 2003

Biker bots

I tend to agree with Izzlepfaff! when it comes to dreams. It is often quite boring to listen to other people explaining their dreams, but we still go ahead and do it. Last night I dreamt about bicycles and robots. The bicycles bit is easy enough to explain, but I'm not sure where the robots […]

Urban Sports

Bike polo, Le Parkour and Buildering, oh my!

Weekend Outdoors

Climbing on Saturday and biking on Sunday, with pictures of each. My body aches in a very satisfying way.

If irony is hip…

How is it decided amongst the hipsters what is ironically hip, and what isn't? If I keep wearing plain colored t-shirts from the Gap, or Old Navy, couldn't that be hip because it's irony? Maybe there's a grand-pooba hipster that has to decide what can and can't be ironically hip. But really, where does the […]

How to eliminate the hipster plague

Or is this just ironic?

Andre and the Pixelated Face Stencil

I remember seeing the original Andre the Giant stickers all over Providence for some time, before I finally heard it was a RISD kid down the street who started it all. Having seen a huge number of the “Obey” Giant stickers around, I decided to do a little research into it, and lo and behold, […]


It's official, I registered for the Seattle Escape From the Rock Triathlon, which was another of Alex's crazy ideas to get ourselves in shape. Here we go again. I picked up a copy of Schott's Original Miscellany yesterday and haven't been able to put it down. There's also a great website for the book, with […]

The MissShady Saga: Part VII, The Return

Just when I thought the saga had ended, I receive a message from my dear MissShady today. It was a short conversation, but I think she knows she'll be coming back for more. I mean, we've made it past the STD discussion stage of our relationship.

Photo highlights

Had a great visit from my family last week. We managed to fit in a ton, including Mt. Rainier National Park, Whidbey Island, Deception Pass State Park, the Ballard locks and fish ladder, a ferry ride, the Washington Park Arboretum, Japanese Gardens, the Fremont troll, a few museums and more good food than any human […]

Playing tourist for a week

Family's in town for the week, so we've been going non-stop trying to fit in a good deal of the city's attractions during their visit. It's good to have an excuse to do a lot of the things you don't usually get to, but it's also exhausting. Plenty of pictures to come, once I get […]

w00t! A penny!

No definitive conclusions in either mystery. w00t! woot? w00t! Would a penny dropped from the Empire State Building kill someone? (even Maxim has come up with an answer for this one.) The official Empire State Building answer: bq. Due to the shape of the building, when wind blows against it, it is driven up, creating […]

Little by little

A bit of a redesign here, which sort of looks the way I want it to, in most browsers. Such is website design. Still not sure about the banner image above. Well, things may get tweaked, but it's a start. I'm planning on working my way through the rest of my site and getting everything […]