The MissShady Saga: The end?

It's been a crazy ride but I fear the saga is coming to a close (or has hit a lull). DanteGil has blocked me and the MissShady screenname, and I haven't seen the real MissShady, LilMissShady or bajanka, online for a week and a half. What next? Are there any other sneaky possibilities that have gone unnoticed? If MissShady does show up again, what course of action should I take? For now I will continue my look-out and hope for another meeting. I think there was some real chemistry last time.

One thought on “The MissShady Saga: The end?

  1. The Admiral


    i love the real chemistry comment, followed by her first remark of “fuck you, fuck bag”

    that’s so awesome, i think i just peed myself


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