Search strings galore

This month I tweaked my web stats so I could view each and every one of the precious search strings that brought people here. I sure was missing out before. Or I was just too lazy to mess with the full stats. Anyway…

* talking to oneself (this has consistently been #1 for the past few months)
* i like my coffee like i like my women (which I never realized is originally attributed to Eddie Izzard)
* boys in drag (that is just wonderful)
* count the number of people entering the mall (maybe I'll do that next time I'm downtown)
* eskimos in antarctica (wow. just… wow. somebody searched for “eskimos in antarctica”. lemme tell ya, you're gonna be searching for a loooong time.)
* goat herd photos
* hunting for bambi las vegas (no idea how they ended up on my site, so I linked to the real thing, which is pretty damn funny)
* i once had a fork. it looked like a spoon so i called it a spoo
* karate oldies but goodies
* melinda and belinda (ahh… the twins)
* osha says fuck it
* patrick swayze cosmetic surgery
* pink roller shoes
* running hemmoroids (I'm sorry dude, I really am)
* tall belgian dominatrix fantasy (yup, all those words are somewhere on that page)
* wa state emissions inspection (and many variations thereof. with a little work I think I could start beating out the cartalk and pages. I'm already ahead of the .gov's)

This month also had the MissShady Saga which added a whole slew of fun search terms to the mix. They almost read like a haiku recap of the entire saga.

* tyrese buddy icon
* aol instant messenger unblock screen name
* brazillian waxes
* good ideas for aim screennames
* getting unblocked in aim
* bakini university

4 thoughts on “Search strings galore

  1. The Admiral

    believe it or not, i think the spoon/form comment was actually from your collections page. i only know this because i remember commenting on it as one of my favorite feedback posts from the fake ebay-er.

    check out your ‘Making the Interweb Funny’ entry

    (that’s right, i searched through them…what do you expect, i just got to work. this is why my life is like office space)

  2. lopolis

    Indeed you are correct. It’s tricky finding things in the comments. I’ve fixed the link on that one.

    ESKIMO 1: Hey, what are we doing so far south?
    ESKIMO 2: I don’t know, but at least there aren’t any penguins down here.


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