Jason Trachtenburg on Blimp vs. Zeppelin

Went and saw the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players tonight and they were amazing.

After the show I asked Jason Trachtenburg the question that'd been bugging us all night long: “What's the difference between a blimp and a zeppelin?”

Long pause/ignoring the question…

Jason Trachtenburg: “Well the blimp has got Goodyear written on the side of it, and Zeppelin has got… Led Zeppelin and all of rock and roll behind it, so I'd say Zeppelin.”

Didn't quite answer the question, but I'll give him some credit.

Also, there's nothing quite like hearing a 10 9(!) year old girl say, “Hey, could I get more bass on the drum!?”

Great show.

4 thoughts on “Jason Trachtenburg on Blimp vs. Zeppelin

  1. Milt T

    Too bad Jason didn’t study the wonderful world of “lighter than air” flight. The formal name of the machine is neither blimp or Zeppelin. It is dirigible. Blimp is a nick-name the same as “jeep” and I believe Zeppelin was a German factory that made dirigibles.

    It is a wonderful flying machine until it goes “POP” and then it is an old bag with a buncha bent framework under it. Ze part mit der people always lands on za bottom!
    BTW, Rachel is nine, not ten. Doesn’t that make her all the more amazing?

  2. lopolis

    According to the blimpinfo.com (even though official-sounding domain names don’t necessarily mean official sources of information) glossary ( http://www.blimpinfo.com/glossary.html ), a zeppelin is a term for any rigid airship. No qualifications made about the type of gas used.

    The word “blimp” has some interesting, and debated origins, as does the word “jeep”. Almost too much jeep information here (warning, annoying use of javascript): http://members.aol.com/brimiljeep/WebPages/JeepNamePage.html

    Blimp is indeed the new monkey, but this “jeep” word is catching up fast.


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