Daily Archives: July 25, 2003

Jason Trachtenburg on Blimp vs. Zeppelin

Went and saw the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players tonight and they were amazing.

After the show I asked Jason Trachtenburg the question that'd been bugging us all night long: “What's the difference between a blimp and a zeppelin?”

Long pause/ignoring the question…

Jason Trachtenburg: “Well the blimp has got Goodyear written on the side of it, and Zeppelin has got… Led Zeppelin and all of rock and roll behind it, so I'd say Zeppelin.”

Didn't quite answer the question, but I'll give him some credit.

Also, there's nothing quite like hearing a 10 9(!) year old girl say, “Hey, could I get more bass on the drum!?”

Great show.