Daily Archives: July 23, 2003

Activism or Passivism?

(Click for the larger version, where you can read all the finer print.)

I was going to title this picture something like, “Super Activism”, or, “Mega-giga-activism,” but it dawned on me that bumper stickers are much more “passivism” than activism. It very well could be true that this person is indeed active in each and every cause mentioned on their car, but somehow I doubt it. I didn't even get pictures of the sides of the car, but from the collection on the back, I didn't spot any contradictions. Not bad. And they're even on a small car that gets good gas mileage! Around the city I've seen at least a half-dozen, gas-guzzling SUVs or oil-smoke spewing wrecks that preach (via stickers plastered all over their rear-ends) clean air and clean living. I'm sorry, but real activism is GETTING A NEW GODDAMN MUFFLER!