The MissShady Saga: Part V

Full back story can be found here.

(all AIM screennames have been changed to protect the innocent, and the just plain dumb)

MissShady wrote to me with her new screenname LilMissShady. She called me a vulgarity, that I don't recall, and by the time I went to respond, she had signed off (really signed off, not just blocked me). So that was a missed opportunity at conversing with the real MissShady, but I figured I'd have another chance in the future (and boy did I ever… stay tuned). But before that happened, I had tried my hand at playing the part of MissShady again. Like last time, the only buddy online was DanteGil, so I wrote to him.

MissShady: chat with sonya yet?

The origin of Sonya.

DanteGil: i blocked her
DanteGil: she might be at the show i'm going to.
DanteGil: so maybe i'll talk to her there.
MissShady: why'd you block her?
DanteGil: i don't know what to talk about.
DanteGil: i'll make an ass out of myself
MissShady: talk to her about the show, or music, or whatever

I made the mistake here, of getting preemptively defensive. It backfired. But isn't this entire saga one giant backfire?

MissShady: I should warn you that there's a LilMissShady whose trying to imitate me
DanteGil: what?
MissShady: just in case she writes to you. I think she got my buddy list
DanteGil: what are you talking about?
MissShady: on AOL instant messenger
DanteGil: who is it?
DanteGil: and who the fuck are you
DanteGil: answer me
DanteGil: now
MissShady: I think she/he is some computer nerd who is messing around
DanteGil: when's john's birthday
DanteGil: why the fuck are you telling me this now you stupid bitch?
DanteGil: who the fuck are you
MissShady: why are you calling me a bitch? who do you think I am?
DanteGil: i don't fucking know
MissShady: this is crazy
MissShady: somebody who is messing around with my screenname
DanteGil: then how do they know john?
DanteGil: and why don't you tell me this shit
DanteGil: earlier, idiot
MissShady: they must have guessed about john
MissShady: sorry, I was busy
DanteGil: goddamn it they better not IM me again
DanteGil: don't put me on your list anymore
DanteGil: they didn't fucking guess
DanteGil: who the fuck are you?
DanteGil: when is john's birthday?
DanteGil: stupid fucking florida hick
DanteGil: don't fuck with me
MissShady: oooo… now you're insulting my state?
MissShady: how mature
DanteGil: when is john's birthday?
MissShady: you can take his birthday and cram it up your ass

I asked two of my friends when John's birthday was. They didn't know either, so I just gave up. Anyone out there know John?

DanteGil: stupid bitch
DanteGil: don't talk to me anymore
DanteGil: go die
DanteGil: i hate when people fuck with me
DanteGil: stupid slut, go suck some cock
MissShady: go cry to sonya. loser.
DanteGil: whoever the fuck you are
�DanteGil� signed off.

Just before he blocked me, we got in a “warn” war, and I managed to get his warning level up to 35%. A friend of mine logged on under a secret screenname of his own and started up a chat with DanteGil, only to start warning him even more. I think he got the DanteGil's warning level up to 80% or so.

Sadly, this is probably it for DanteGil and MissShady conversations. But it'll be interesting to see what happens when I write to him with a new screenname of my own and send him some of his Sonya pictures back.

One thought on “The MissShady Saga: Part V

  1. andy l.

    Hehe. Yeah, you got greedy. ;-) too bad. Well at least you really solidified MissShady’s reputation.. at least with this guy. I’m sure they’ll be real friends now.
    Unless of course she knows when John’s birthday is..


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