The Miss Shady Saga: Part III

This just in: An entire category devoted to the ongoing MissShady Saga, for your viewing pleasure.

As was apparent in Part II, MissShady was starting to catch on and was getting upset with me. But of course, after learning Password #2: “shinoda”, I went and unblocked myself, yet again. She figured it was me, insulted me and blocked me again. This time I had a friend sign on as MissShady and unblock me, hoping to use my “online time” to prove that I could not have signed off and on again as her, in the past 5 minutes. There isn't much else to say about the next conversation. I decided to try playing dumb, innocent and apologetic when she wrote to me:

MissShady: what the fuck is wrong with you?
Me: did you unblock me?
Me: somebody is messing with our messenger accounts
MissShady: fuck you in the ass motherfucker
Me: it happened to me earlier
MissShady: eat my ass and love it
Me: I haven't signed off in the past 20 minutes, how could I have done anything?
Me: look at my connect time
Me: stop being so mean to me, for no reason
MissShady: your nerdy ass probly has two computers
Me: my family only has this one computer
MissShady: look i'm not as stupid as you think
Me: I do not think you are stupid
Me: I was enjoying chatting with you
MissShady: and i happen to have a computer nerd sitting right next to me so fuck off
Me: is he the one you had sex with two weeks ago?
Me: you're a nerd-fucking slut?
MissShady: no he's my brother
MissShady: at least i get action
Me: I don't approve of incest
MissShady: do you talk to your “wife” like that?
Me: sometimes we talk dirty
MissShady: what the fuck?
MissShady: you are fucking up my shpadoinkle day
Me: so you've seen Cannibal The Musical
MissShady: no shit
Me: I tried to ask you about that before
Me: I like that movie
MissShady: you told me you didn't like troma
Me: I don't like most of troma, but I like that movie. I don't like Toxie
MissShady: well tell it to someone you haven't really pissed off
Me: I'm sorry I've pissed you off.
Me: maybe we can chat later when you aren't so mad
MissShady: you are to blame not me
MissShady: ass face
Me: I did not do anything.
Me: I told you I had trouble with AIM too. I'm sorry they messed with your account as well.
MissShady: i blocked you 2 or 3 times and you keep fucking with me
MissShady: why?
MissShady: oh the humanity
Me: I am sorry. I will leave you alone
MissShady: no you won't
MissShady: you're a liar
Me: ok, if you say so.
Me: you don't even know me.
MissShady: i really don't care to now
Me: what is your e-mail address?
Me: somehow I don't think that's the truth
MissShady: oh well
MissShady: don't cry
Me: I must go. it is very late. I am sorry you are mad. I hope you have a good day.
MissShady: fuck you
MissShady: eat shit and die
�MissShady� signed off at 3:29:51 PM.

One thought on “The Miss Shady Saga: Part III

  1. The Admiral

    she has got some mouth on her for a 16 year old. she did call you an ass face, though, which is one of my favorite insults (thanks to christopher guest) “i hate you and your ass face!”

    she also watches troma films which is an interesting note, as i think only 5% of the world population knows what troma is, let alone have actually viewed it. (AND she’s only 16, so she found it at a young age)

    why do i get the feeling that if she had grown up with us, we’d have hung out with her…hmm


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