The MissShady Saga: Part I

(all AIM screennames have been changed to protect the innocent, and the not so innocent)

A couple weeks ago, I received an e-mail in my yahoo account, thanking me for signing up on AOL Instant Messenger with my new screenname, MissShady. I never did such a thing, and was quite amused with the fact that someone typed in my e-mail address as a bogus e-mail address for their sign-up process, or that my e-mail address was the result of a typo. My first logical step was to try logging into AIM with the screenname, MissShady, and click “I forgot my password” to have it e-mail, to my yahoo address, the password reminder. Ta-da! Password #1: curtis

Easy as pie, and this is where the fun begins.

I first amused myself by logging into her account to see what I could find. She had no info in her profile, and only a couple names on her buddy list, none of whom were online.

**Addition/correction: The very first time I wrote to her, it was a simple, “hello” but she was quite frightened by a stranger writing to her. She asked me if she knew me, and when I answered “no” she responded with an insult or two and a “bye bye” and I was blocked for the first time. This was easily remedied later, when I logged in with her account and unblocked myself. Somewhere in what follows, there was an, “I thought I blocked you” exchange, but I can't remember how that went.

A couple days later I saw her log on and I wrote to her. I began with the simple, but direct question, “What e-mail address did you use to sign up for your AIM account?” She refused to answer (as most people would, to a complete stranger). She asked for mine, and I refused too, hoping to get her to admit it first. I asked her if she liked movies about cannibals who sang songs (since my yahoo e-mail address is 'shpadoinkle'. which is a made up word from Trey Parker's, Cannibal: The Musical). This question didn't click with her and she changed the subject (later we will find out that she was playing dumb). She asked “asl?” a few times, but I didn't give that out, yet. She eventually signed off.

Excerpts from the next day:
MissShady: did you miss me?
Me: desperately
MissShady: good
Me: so, there's a song in a certain cannibal musical with a made up word… “It's a –something– day”
Me: how do you spell it?
MissShady: what?
Me: What e-mail address did you use to sign up on AIM?
MissShady: why do you want to know?
Me: because it isn't yours
MissShady: i really don't know how to do any thing special on computers, so whatever it is you're accusing me of i probly didn't do it
MissShady: can we talk about something else?

I noticed that her buddy icon was a flashing picture of a half-naked Tyrese.

Me: you like Tyrese?
MissShady: hell yeah
MissShady: you?
Me: hell no
MissShady: what's your music of choice then?
Me: everything except Tyrese
MissShady: why?
MissShady: jealous?
MissShady: :-)
Me: not if he's got fans like you :-)
MissShady: asl?
MissShady: me, f/16/jacksonville
Me: m/17/spanish
MissShady: so you like troma?

Cannibal: The Musical was released by Troma, which is also known for such hits as The Toxic Avenger, and Sgt. Kabukiman: NYPD

Me: why do you keep asking me that?
MissShady: cuz I never got an answer
MissShady: are you gonna cry?
Me: troma made me cry
Me: my dad killed himself pretending to be Toxie
MissShady: are you serious?
Me: I don't really want to talk about it
MissShady: ok
MissShady: do you go to school?
Me: yes. in fact I have class in 10 minutes. I need to go.
MissShady: o kay bye then
MissShady: try to lighten up a little
Me: try to listen to music other than Tyrese
MissShady: I'll give it some thought

And this concludes Part I. Part II and Part III have already happened, it's just too late to post them all right now. I need to get to sleep. Plenty of excitement to come, including the sex talk, the name calling, the blocking war, and the undercover sneak-attack…

5 thoughts on “The MissShady Saga: Part I

  1. The Admiral

    I already know what happened in parts 2 and 3, yet i still find myself anxiously awaiting the post.

    this situation is so horribly wrong, and i LOVE it!


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