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The MissShady Saga: The end?

It's been a crazy ride but I fear the saga is coming to a close (or has hit a lull). DanteGil has blocked me and the MissShady screenname, and I haven't seen the real MissShady, LilMissShady or bajanka, online for a week and a half. What next? Are there any other sneaky possibilities that have gone unnoticed? If MissShady does show up again, what course of action should I take? For now I will continue my look-out and hope for another meeting. I think there was some real chemistry last time.

Search strings galore

This month I tweaked my web stats so I could view each and every one of the precious search strings that brought people here. I sure was missing out before. Or I was just too lazy to mess with the full stats. Anyway…

* talking to oneself (this has consistently been #1 for the past few months)
* i like my coffee like i like my women (which I never realized is originally attributed to Eddie Izzard)
* boys in drag (that is just wonderful)
* count the number of people entering the mall (maybe I'll do that next time I'm downtown)
* eskimos in antarctica (wow. just… wow. somebody searched for “eskimos in antarctica”. lemme tell ya, you're gonna be searching for a loooong time.)
* goat herd photos
* hunting for bambi las vegas (no idea how they ended up on my site, so I linked to the real thing, which is pretty damn funny)
* i once had a fork. it looked like a spoon so i called it a spoo
* karate oldies but goodies
* melinda and belinda (ahh… the twins)
* osha says fuck it
* patrick swayze cosmetic surgery
* pink roller shoes
* running hemmoroids (I'm sorry dude, I really am)
* tall belgian dominatrix fantasy (yup, all those words are somewhere on that page)
* wa state emissions inspection (and many variations thereof. with a little work I think I could start beating out the cartalk and pages. I'm already ahead of the .gov's)

This month also had the MissShady Saga which added a whole slew of fun search terms to the mix. They almost read like a haiku recap of the entire saga.

* tyrese buddy icon
* aol instant messenger unblock screen name
* brazillian waxes
* good ideas for aim screennames
* getting unblocked in aim
* bakini university

Denny Creek Trail Pictures

This past Saturday, I went with a small group over to the Snoqualmie Pass area of the Cascades and did some hiking on the Denny Creek trail. Beautiful weather, great views, and some chilly mountain water…

The first brave souls tackling the cold water of the various falls and pools.

My turn on the natural rock waterslide. My facial expression very accurately reflects the temperature of the water.

Taro and I at Melakwa Lake.

The Bold and the Innocent

This story of the guy divorcing his wife via text-messaging has made the rounds on the internet lately. Today, via Metafilter, this story shows up in the Guardian about the 15 cruellest break-ups in history.

The first thing that popped in my head was my heart-breaker in 6th grade. This was the era when weeks were considered long-term, and “going out” meant occasionally kissing on a dare during lunchtime. Well, I'd had a crush on this girl (J) for a long time and finally got up the courage to ask her out one day, and to my surprise, she said yes! Less than a week later, we'd kissed! Roughly 3 weeks went by, I'd kissed her 2 more times than I could count with both hands, and I was psyched. This was going places. Then one fateful day the following conversation took place during lunchtime:

J's FRIEND: Hey, C (that's me), would you dump J, if you found out she kissed another guy?
C: I dunno. Maybe.
J's FRIEND: C'mon, would you? If she kissed someone else?
C: Yeah, I guess.
J's FRIEND: OK then, J kissed someone else.
C: OK then, I break up with her.
J's FRIEND: There you go, J.
C: Wait, were you serious?
J's FRIEND: Yeah
J: (shrugs)
C: So are we broken up now?
J's FRIEND: Yeah
C: J, did you kiss someone else?
J: No
C: Well, then will you go out with me again?
J: No

An entire life lesson (or two, or three) in less than two minutes during 6th grade lunch. After that dramatic moment at the table, we all gathered up the most disgusting food from the day's lunch and put it in a ziploc bag to make barf.

Jason Trachtenburg on Blimp vs. Zeppelin

Went and saw the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players tonight and they were amazing.

After the show I asked Jason Trachtenburg the question that'd been bugging us all night long: “What's the difference between a blimp and a zeppelin?”

Long pause/ignoring the question…

Jason Trachtenburg: “Well the blimp has got Goodyear written on the side of it, and Zeppelin has got… Led Zeppelin and all of rock and roll behind it, so I'd say Zeppelin.”

Didn't quite answer the question, but I'll give him some credit.

Also, there's nothing quite like hearing a 10 9(!) year old girl say, “Hey, could I get more bass on the drum!?”

Great show.

Activism or Passivism?

(Click for the larger version, where you can read all the finer print.)

I was going to title this picture something like, “Super Activism”, or, “Mega-giga-activism,” but it dawned on me that bumper stickers are much more “passivism” than activism. It very well could be true that this person is indeed active in each and every cause mentioned on their car, but somehow I doubt it. I didn't even get pictures of the sides of the car, but from the collection on the back, I didn't spot any contradictions. Not bad. And they're even on a small car that gets good gas mileage! Around the city I've seen at least a half-dozen, gas-guzzling SUVs or oil-smoke spewing wrecks that preach (via stickers plastered all over their rear-ends) clean air and clean living. I'm sorry, but real activism is GETTING A NEW GODDAMN MUFFLER!

Links ahoy!

A few links that have come up in the past few days. Some new, and some that I just haven't seen in a while.

* More public art ideas from
* Some Photoshop fun, including an Open Photoshop Tennis Championship and the huge Photoshop contest community at Time to brush up on my skills.
* Mesmerizing Flash animation
* In the past two days I've had at least three different people mention the ever-popular, which reminded me how much of the StrongBad E-mail archive I still need to get through. Oh yeah, and don't miss the genius of Teen Girl Squad, #1, #2, and #3.

If you haven't already, go see Pirates of the Carribean. Tons of fun. Arrr!
“You are without a doubt the worst pirate I've ever heard of.”
“Ah, but you have heard of me.”

The MissShady Saga: Part VI, The Epic

Full back story can be found here.

(all AIM screennames have been changed to protect the innocent, and the just plain dumb)

The DanteGil story had fallen flat, and I hadn't seen MissShady or LilMissShady online at all. Things were getting slow, but then one day I get a message from “bajanka”. This screenname had the same numbers at the end as the MissShady and LilMissShady screennames, so from the start I was pretty sure it was her. The conversation quickly confirmed that.

This also brings us completely up-to-date with the MissShady Saga. Not much more of an introduction is really necessary. Brace yourselves, it's a long one.
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12 Utility Fixtures

I wanted to try capturing some of the different characters of the various gas, electric and water fixtures jutting from buildings in the neighborhood. I find these little mechanical relics fascinating. Birthmarks or architectural blemishes, painted over, rotting and rusting, but each with a distinct personality.

The MissShady Saga: Part V

Full back story can be found here.

(all AIM screennames have been changed to protect the innocent, and the just plain dumb)

MissShady wrote to me with her new screenname LilMissShady. She called me a vulgarity, that I don't recall, and by the time I went to respond, she had signed off (really signed off, not just blocked me). So that was a missed opportunity at conversing with the real MissShady, but I figured I'd have another chance in the future (and boy did I ever… stay tuned). But before that happened, I had tried my hand at playing the part of MissShady again. Like last time, the only buddy online was DanteGil, so I wrote to him.
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The MissShady Saga: Part IV

Full back story can be found here.

(all AIM screennames have been changed to protect the innocent, and the just plain dumb)

MissShady was quite upset with me in our last conversation, and a few days went by without any word from her. I started getting bored, and instead of simply unblocking myself this time, and waiting around for her to speak to me, I decided to try something new. I was going to become MissShady. I went to log in, and her password had changed yet again. This time when checking my e-mail, I noticed that someone else must have clicked on the “I forgot my password” button when logging into the MissShady account. There were three e-mails waiting for me from the past couple days, all with her new Password #3: vaughn. This could have been the real MissShady, honestly forgetting her password after changing it so many times, or it could have been any number of other people. Anyway, the important part was that I was ready to try some undercover work.
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When you ride for hours…

As the bike wheels went round and round last weekend, so did the thoughts in my head. When staring at the stretch of road in front of you, there isn't a whole lot to do but think. I quickly realized that deep thoughts, productive thoughts, or anything important just wouldn't stay in my head. My brain kept defaulting to the simplest most repetitive thoughts possible: songs. I sang some tunes I knew, I made some up, I combined tunes, and silly things just kept popping in my head. Here are a few I recall singing to myself as I rode:

“The wheels on my bike go round and round…. round and round… round and round…”

“98 miles to Portland to go… 98 miles to Portland… ride one tenth, ride one tenth… still 98 miles to Portland to go…”

“La-la-la-la-laaaaa…. I hate drainage grates… I hate drainage grates…”

(to the tune of the cheesy TV, Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego) “Where in the world is our next fucking rest stop…”

Last but not least: Kokomo. No idea why. And no lyric changes, just the original song, for hours on end. “Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take you to… Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama… Key Largo Montego, baby why don't we go…”

The Miss Shady Saga: Part III

This just in: An entire category devoted to the ongoing MissShady Saga, for your viewing pleasure.

As was apparent in Part II, MissShady was starting to catch on and was getting upset with me. But of course, after learning Password #2: “shinoda”, I went and unblocked myself, yet again. She figured it was me, insulted me and blocked me again. This time I had a friend sign on as MissShady and unblock me, hoping to use my “online time” to prove that I could not have signed off and on again as her, in the past 5 minutes. There isn't much else to say about the next conversation. I decided to try playing dumb, innocent and apologetic when she wrote to me:
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