Monthly Archives: June 2003

Dream of patterns

The other night I dreamt a series of abstract, minimalist images, consisting of lines and circles, sometimes resembling electronics circuit diagrams or flowcharts. There were no words, voices, people, or recognizable objects anywhere in the dream. Pattern after pattern kept floating by, all set against a stark white background. I woke up with a few images in my head and decided to try some Photoshop doodles to express some of what I remembered.

Finding Octo

This dream may have been sparked by Finding Nemo (the only deep ocean-related thing in my life lately), but it was two weeks ago that I saw it, so who knows why my subconscious decided to dream about it last night.

I was at a summer camp setting with a bunch of relatives, including my parents and a few aunts and uncles. The first odd thing was that everything was underwater. Not just ankle-deep puddles, I mean bottom-of-the-ocean underwater. It was deep, dark water, but my relatives were all in human form and still breathing fine and didn't have any trouble walking around. I was a tiny little fish/shrimp/crab/insect critter, about the size of a snail. It was my job to swim down a long dark passageway and just touch a treasure chest that was at the end, and swim back. In a dark alcove halfway along the passageway, there was a giant octopus hiding in the shadows. It stretched out a tentacle as I passed and I narrowly missed it. I reached the treasure chest, touched it and started the long swim back. As I was nearing the place where the octopus was lurking, it dawned on me that I had a special ability. I could turn into the shape of any creature that I had seen. This time, as the octopus came out of hiding and started towards me, I thought a certain thought in a particular way, and with a faint 'pop', I had turned into an octopus, twice as large as the one approaching me. I flashed my tentacles towards the agressor and my size coupled with the startling transformation frightened him back to his hiding place. I swam in powerful octopus-strokes towards my destination. I would occasionally shoot out a tentacle and stick it to a rock, then give myself a powerful tug forward. The feeling of movement and momentum was impressive. I arrived back amongst my family and relatives and they congratulated me on the successful trial, without even blinking at my new 25 foot long, octopoidal self.

Lists and more lists

I finally sat down with my movie list for a while and added about 100 more movies to it. It helped going through a list of movie releases from the past two years to help jog my memory. Still there are plenty of older and more obscure movies that I haven't come close to remembering. I suppose its a losing battle.

Now, a question that nobody has asked me, but I thought I'd answer:

Do you have a links page?

I've always had this feeds/links page and I've been steadily adding to it, so at this point it represents the majority of the sites I check on any regular basis. There is now a link to it in the side column too. Anything else I should check out? Let me know.

So many lists. When did life become so list-oriented? Everybody keeps lists, whether they're written or mental, of things to do, things they've done, things they want, places they've been, people they know, accomplishments, goals… Probably the most important list for people our age is a resume. A conglomeration of all the above items in a concise, eye-catching, yet conforming, and precise, yet creative list. This list will help us move to the next stage, that is, piles. Once our important resume-list helps achieve employment, we not only become one of the corporate or working-class pile, but we also have an income to build our own piles. Piles of stuff. Movies, books, toys, gadgets, and gear, which in turn might help add a few more bullet points on our lists. This kind of dreary circular thinking leads me to see even more of the sheer genius in a project like this.

Words that brought people here

Since I posted this and this, I've gotten quite a few hits from search engines with phrases like, “apple music baby got back”, “larry wachowski transexual”, and, “wachowski dominatrix”, and variations thereof. Some others of note are:

* “macromedia flash portfolio site bagpipe”
* “life is beautiful vs schindlers list” (I'd have to go with Life is Beautiful. Schindler's List is overrated. Spielberg's best movie? Hell no. It was Hook.)
* “jimmy neutron pencils”

I realize some of the random movie title hits I get, come from my very-outdated movie list. I kept it updated for a number of years, but haven't done anything with it in quite a while. I think I'll sit down with it sometime soon and see how many more I can add to it.

They should call ’em Seg-getouttamy-way’s

In a single moment I, A) Saw my first Segway scooter, and B) Nearly ran over my first Segway scooter. I was part way across an intersection in my car, and the Segway came zipping along to cross the street right in front of me. We both slammed on our brakes at the same time. Well, with the Segway it wasn't so much a brake-slamming as it was a quick lean-jerk backwards, followed by a hypnotizing rocking motion. I stared, then waved for him to continue, which he did with a sort of disgusted shrug-lean forward. I could link to some articles about the arguments for/against Segways on sidewalks vs. bike lanes, but honestly I don't give a crap. When driving, they're just like any other moving annoyance/hindrance outside of one's own vehicle. Much like every moving thing is an annoyance/hindrance to oneself when walking or biking, or I'll even go as far as to assume… Segway-ing. Conclusion: Too many people want to get places, and they want to get there without anything in their way, regardless of their mode of transportation (myself and Mr. Seg-I-don't-have-to-look-both-ways-because-I'm-
riding-on-an-expensive-new-gadget-way included).

I like my…

As started here. Now how about:

*I like my movies like I like my women^1^…*

* …old and silent
* …with a twist ending
* …2 Fast 2 Furious

^1^ For political correctness, 'women' may be substituted with 'men', 'transsexual', 'transgendered', 'pet', 'barnyard animal', 'smurf', or any like-object of your choice

WA State, 178-RFA

Emissions Inspection Station arrival: approximately 10:15 AM
Choice of lane one or two, entering the station area: lane two

Lane two allowed for access to testing station 3, 4 or 5 (It was too late to turn to reach 1 and 2). Testing station 3 seemed preferable because it was closest to the inside of the arc (it was a right hand curve from the two entering lanes towards the testing stations). The lanes on the outside of the arc are longer, therefore allowing a greater number of cars to be waiting along the length of the arc, in front of my car. The lane for testing station 3 seemed the most logical choice between the remaining 3, 4 and 5.

Number of pre-1980, diesel-powered cars at the emissions testing facility: 1
Testing station it was in line for: 3
Minutes spent waiting for this one car to finish (fail?) its emissions test: 45
Number of other cars behind said diesel-powered car, but still ahead of my car: 6
Average legth of test for each car in front of me (excluding the diesel car): 7-10 minutes
Length of my car's emission test: 3 minutes
Emissions Inspection Station departure: approximately 11:45 AM

Arrival at Motor Vehicle licensing office: 11:54 AM
Departure from Motor Vehicle licensing office, with new license plates in hand: 12:01 PM

View from above

On my flight back to Seattle last weekend, I arrived during daylight hours, and as a bonus the weather was clear. This made for some amazing views on our descent to land. I was on the right side of the plane, so I got the view looking North.

One of those closer mountains, with a rounded rocky top is Mt. Si. Way off in the distance is Mt. Baker.

As the plane turned to land, I finally got a clear view of Mt. Rainier, looking back. The views looking down at it from the left of the plane, as we passed over, must have been incredible.

Daily returns

At long last, Daily is back. I've rewritten most of it using some nifty PHP, which will make things much easier to update and tweak in the future. Unfortunately, I lack the '1337' skills to get it perfect the first time around, so it kinda breaks in spots and needs some more TLC before it reaches my ideal setup. But the good thing is that it works enough to get some new images going. 'Bout time.