June 2003
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Month June 2003

Dream of patterns

The other night I dreamt a series of abstract, minimalist images, consisting of lines and circles, sometimes resembling electronics circuit diagrams or flowcharts. There were no words, voices, people, or recognizable objects anywhere in the dream. Pattern after pattern kept floating by, all set against a stark white background. I woke up with a few […]

Finding Octo

This dream may have been sparked by Finding Nemo (the only deep ocean-related thing in my life lately), but it was two weeks ago that I saw it, so who knows why my subconscious decided to dream about it last night. I was at a summer camp setting with a bunch of relatives, including my […]

Lists and more lists

I finally sat down with my movie list for a while and added about 100 more movies to it. It helped going through a list of movie releases from the past two years to help jog my memory. Still there are plenty of older and more obscure movies that I haven't come close to remembering. […]

Pieces of Trees

Marquee de Silly

The other day, I drove by a movie theater which had a large marquee reading: “The Matrix Reloaded: Morpheus' Dance Party”

Words that brought people here

Since I posted this and this, I've gotten quite a few hits from search engines with phrases like, “apple music baby got back”, “larry wachowski transexual”, and, “wachowski dominatrix”, and variations thereof. Some others of note are: * “macromedia flash portfolio site bagpipe” * “life is beautiful vs schindlers list” (I'd have to go with […]

They should call ‘em Seg-getouttamy-way’s

In a single moment I, A) Saw my first Segway scooter, and B) Nearly ran over my first Segway scooter. I was part way across an intersection in my car, and the Segway came zipping along to cross the street right in front of me. We both slammed on our brakes at the same time. […]

I like my…

As started here. Now how about: *I like my movies like I like my women^1^…* * …old and silent * …with a twist ending * …2 Fast 2 Furious ^1^ For political correctness, 'women' may be substituted with 'men', 'transsexual', 'transgendered', 'pet', 'barnyard animal', 'smurf', or any like-object of your choice

WA State, 178-RFA

Emissions Inspection Station arrival: approximately 10:15 AM Choice of lane one or two, entering the station area: lane two Lane two allowed for access to testing station 3, 4 or 5 (It was too late to turn to reach 1 and 2). Testing station 3 seemed preferable because it was closest to the inside of […]

View from above

On my flight back to Seattle last weekend, I arrived during daylight hours, and as a bonus the weather was clear. This made for some amazing views on our descent to land. I was on the right side of the plane, so I got the view looking North. One of those closer mountains, with a […]

Daily returns

At long last, Daily is back. I've rewritten most of it using some nifty PHP, which will make things much easier to update and tweak in the future. Unfortunately, I lack the '1337' skills to get it perfect the first time around, so it kinda breaks in spots and needs some more TLC before it […]