Perdido Street finished

Finally finished Perdido Street Station by China Mieville, and I think I know why it took me so long to get through the last half of it. I just wasn't all that interested in it anymore. To me, the last half of the book wasn't nearly as engrossing as the first half. All of the details, storylines and characters that I was really enjoying in the first half, were all put aside and forgotten about until the last ten pages where they suddenly show up again. The bulk of the story in between, read like an action movie with gratuitous descriptions of details and gore used for filler. And plenty of filler there was. I did enjoy the construction of the world and the development of the characters, but when the real plot kicked in (after 400 pages) it didn't leave me with the same sense of wonder. I guess in short, the first half of the book left me expecting one thing, and the second half delivered something very different. But I'd still go and recommend the book to anyone who's looking for a story set in an incredible world that is a creative (and often disturbing) blend of fantasy and science fiction.

Enough with the vague-so-as-not-to-give-away-any-details-to-people-who-might-want-to-read-it book report…

Now, on to Super Flat Times.

One thought on “Perdido Street finished

  1. Jeff

    Yeah, that annoyed me too. Greatest setting I’ve encountered in a long time, with dozens of stories alluded to, and Mieville opts to follow the fucking slake-moths.

    I’ll still probably read The Scar, though.


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