Matrix Reloaded thoughts

There are opinions galore out there, so I'll keep my own petty ramblings as short as possible (a few spoilers ahead).

It was fun. I won't deny the fact that I enjoyed the ride (most of the time). Disliked: Zion and the dragging scenes of pseudo-philosophical dialogue. Liked: Kung-fu and the campy humor (some intentional, some not).

Were “bullet-time” or special effects used in new, mind-bogglingly creative ways? No. Same ideas, but with a bigger budget, more computers and explosions.

If the Matrix can be summed up as the “brain in a vat” story, The Matrix Reloaded is the “cog in a machine” story. Oooo, what a twist.

My prediction (a bit of a long-shot) for the third film is a Ghost in the Shell-type resolution with Neo and Agent Smith merging consciousnesses (dying in the process), to form a new, neutral consciousness which allows machines and humans to see the error of their ways and get over this whole 'enslavement' hang-up. Ah, but preceded by 2 hours of more flying, kung-fu, guns, robots, bigger guns and bigger robots.

What I'm hoping for is those two action-packed hours and then: Neo dies. Fade to black. Fade in on computer screen. Text: 'Wake up Neo…' Fade to black. Roll credits.

4 thoughts on “Matrix Reloaded thoughts

  1. andy

    when I saw it there was a legally blonde 2 trailer in front. what?? this was the second time i saw this trailer, and, just like the first time, the audience was all-out disgusted by it… and quite verbally at that.
    I have a prediction that I had before I saw the new T3 trailer- that the new terminator movie would be better if Arnold was a bad guy. See, in the first one, he was bad. in the second one, he was good but when you first see him you don’t know if he is bad or good. I’ve said to friends that I think T3 would be better if Arnold went back to being bad. The newest trailer hints that he starts good and goes bad, but I have a feeling he’s good in the end. But one thing is pretty certain.. that the MOVIE will be bad.

  2. redbeard

    Well, I disagree with you on a number of counts, but that is a discussion for another forum…more on that at another time if I get off my ass.

    Regardless, what I think we can all agree wa refreshing was not only the lack of HollywoodOS, but Trinity’s 31337 hack using nmap to exploit an ssh vulnerability that had been revealed during the filming of the movies. Hehe – check for the geeky details and discussion.

    It’s a good thing the powerplant wasn’t running OpenBSD.

  3. lopolis

    I know we disagree. Although my thoughts all sounded pretty negative, I still had a lot of fun with the movie, and I’ll be there opening day for the next one.

    I’d read about the true-to-life hacking detail somewhere and was quite amused. Speaking of geeky stuff, I loved Zion’s white holographic, touch-screen control room interface.

    And the trailers… The T3 trailer got a lot of laughs when it came on in our theater. Who’d want to watch a movie about a world where machines take over, anyway? It was followed by Freddy vs. Jason trailer, which had the audience roaring by the end.

  4. The Admiral

    ok, freddy vs jason. i remember being like 8 years old and hearing about, and being all excited for about a day. then they stopped making both friday the 13th movies and nightmare on elm street movies (or when they did they were horrible..i can assume they were, anyway, as i did not see them) and now it is quite hilarious that they finally decided to make it. legally blonde? that movie angers me. i never saw the first, will never see the second. T3? I’ll see it, i’ll laugh, i’ll cry, i’ll forget about 2 hours after it ends.

    and as for the matrix- many things angered me about it. i was highly disappointed. though i think it has potential to be a bit better in it’s second viewing, when i’m not anticipating a flawless movie. but that could be talked about for hours…

    oh well


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