I like my ____

Prompted by a number of jokes with friends in the past couple weeks, I thought I'd start a collection of these. It all started one morning when somebody made a coffee run at work. “How do you like your coffee?” “I like my coffee like I like my women…” Everybody's made this joke before, and the silly variations thereof.

* …cold and bitter
* …sweet and creamy
* …thick and Belgian
* …tall iced mocha to go

Let's try one together now. Add your own conclusion in the comments. I'll post a new opener from time to time.
(Girls, feel free to change it to men. Be as crude, silly and/or sexist as you like. It's all in good fun.)
*I like my beer like I like my women…*

* …pale, and always on tap
* …dark and stout

12 thoughts on “I like my ____

  1. The Admiral

    …cold, in the fridge, and at my convenience

    …expensive if you go out, but cheap when you bring it home

    …available at any corner store


    …with an easy to remove top

    …long in the neck, big in the bottom

    …if it’s free, don’t pass it up


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