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OK, finally finished up this entry I've been assembling the past couple days… Watched quite a bit over this past weekend, catching up on a couple films I'd been meaning to see for way too long (and one I've seen a half-dozen times already). A quick rundown of Rivers and Tides, The Matrix, Cube 2, Catch Me If You Can and A Beautiful Mind. Here goes…

* Got out and saw the film on Andy Goldsworthy, _Rivers and Tides_. More photos of his art here (via Google image search). The film did a lot of justice to his work, his process and the beautiful aesthetic of it all, but I really disliked the artist commentary and “theory” that was attempted throughout. It doesn't take scattered ramblings of philosophy, spirituality, and explanations to understand the simple, and striking concepts of his work.
* Of course, had to watch _The Matrix_ again in anticipation of this week's (tonight's!) _Matrix Reloaded_. Will the sequel match the wow factor of the first? Will the cast have learned how to act? I'll post my opinions after I see it.
* Also watched _Cube 2: Hypercube_. The first one was actually decent for a low budget sci-fi horror thriller. The sequel was less of a sequel and more of a remake. Different plot twists this time, including some interesting parallel universe bits, but ultimately it was confusing (confused?) and not all that exciting.
* Rented _Catch Me If You Can_, and had a fun time with it. Is it supposed to inspire people to be a con-artist? Looked like a pretty fun life there for a while. And then there was the extra-heavy-handed Spielberg-ian conclusion and moral. I suppose I've come to expect it by now.
* _A Beautiful Mind_. Ron Howard may be the next Spielberg and I don't necessarily mean that as a compliment. I liked the movie and was in just the right mood for it to hit me pretty hard, but there were still quite a few of those candy-coated over-the-top moments crammed in our faces. Still, quite the incredible story of John Nash's life, even if a number of liberties were taken with the real details.

3 thoughts on “Recent movie round-up

  1. andy

    I think A Beautiful Mind was a really excellent movie.. and I didn’t think it had that Spielberg taste of “everything’s going to be ok” that Senior Spielbergo’s movies usually do (A.I… ruined.). ABM had a really great script. It reels you into thinking its about one thing and then turns the tables.. in a non-cheating way. I think it really deserved best picture..

  2. lopolis

    I definitely wouldn’t say I hated it by any means. I think a lot of the over-the-top moments I felt, came from the over-acting of Russell Crowe. I had a very hard time getting comfortable with him in the role. I can’t put a finger on it, but to me something just seemed a little “off” throughout.

  3. Greg

    For a really good film about schizophrenia that doesn’t glamorize the disease, check out “Clean, Shaven” by Lodge Kerrigan. Okay, so I’m biased because I took a class with him. So sue me!


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