Worlds colliding left and right

I can't resist posting this as well (via Cup of Chicha)… Brown creative writing professor Matthew Derby, whom I had the pleasure of taking a hypertext fiction class from, has a new collection of stories out, Super Flat Times. Probably one of the best professors I had in my college career, and by far the most entertaining. A few of these quotes are his. And in this interview (also via Cup of Chicha) I discovered he had something in the first issue of The Believer, which I had skimmed a while back (but overlooked Derby's name).

So this afternoon, I set out to pick up a copy of his book and the first issue of The Believer. As if these small-world collisions weren't enough, I got to the magazine store (happened to be staffed by a coworker from The Stranger) only to find that the second issue of The Believer was also out, and it featured the writing of one of The Portland Mercury's (The Stranger's sister paper, where I am also technically an employee) news writers. Not to mention the half-dozen articles in both issues of The Believer that reference and cross-reference a dozen other odds and ends in my life lately. Kinda creepy, but thoroughly exciting when things connect like that. Definitely makes me want to write more here (hopefully more interestesting content) and elsewhere. Maybe even dig out some of my old half-finished hypertext projects. Here I go again with the random inspiration on top of a billion other half-baked ideas, and its past my bedtime already. Oh well, here's hoping it keeps Patrick Swayze out of my dreams tonight.

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