If you can name the artist that the title Site/Nonsite refers to, I'll give you… um… an e-mail pat on the back. (hint: go ahead and Google, if you need to)

As a routine at the end of one month and the beginning of the next, I'm going to post some of the amusing search strings that brought people to my site. Last month, I had this list. “Drawing elephants“, “talking to oneself“, and, “fire alarm collections” are still some of the more common ones. But here are a few of the gems that fell a bit lower on the list:

* “dilbert cubicle move chess”
* “crazy.playboy”
* “equilibrium drink”
* “love my alcoholic rage”
* “2003 e-mail address of almighty”

In other site news, I had thought about removing all of the e-mail addresses from people's comments that they leave here (all three of them), in order to prevent spambots from having a field day with my friends e-mail accounts, but it turns out that Movabletype already has a some spambot protection in place for the e-mail addresses in comments. Yay! But I did go and turn on anonymous commenting, so no e-mail or web address is required anymore for posting. Yee haw. Go nuts.

2 thoughts on “Site/Nonsite

  1. Sam

    Site/Nonsite: my first thought was Water/NoWater, which was the student-written musical my freshman year. It was the nadir before a steadily improving series of musicals. We called it Plot/NoPlot. But I bet that’s not what you were thinking of.



    It’s got to be Robert Smithson, but you knew that. Aren’t we all clever. Tell me, does this make your site a non-site and if so am I really here at all and if I am is there even anything to see?
    Have fun, Roy.


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