I sort of saw X-Men 2

Saturday evening, some friends and I decided to see X2, since we were downtown and it was still early enough to avoid the later crowds. We got through almost the whole movie without a hitch…

Then literally 5 minutes before the end, the house lights come on and the projector cuts out. The extremely awkward and frightened manager-type came out and said they didn't know how long until it'd be back up. We waited about 20 minutes, then gave up and got in line for a refund. I had thought I heard someone say something about a fire, but I wasn't sure. While waiting, we then heard that all the theaters had stopped at the same time. Somebody behind us said there was a big fight in the back of their theater (“Hey, I said I was Wolverine!” “Nuh, uh, I'm Wolverine!” “Are, not! You were Wolverine last time!” “SNIKT! SNIKT!”), and that might have been why theirs stopped. But then we heard the official word that there was a car fire in the garage (this is a theater in a big 4-story mall), but it was contained and the movies would start up again in a second. We grabbed our free passes, then rushed back in to catch the end. The movie picked up a minute past where we left off (thus completely missing what I hear was a very intense scene, and the climax of the movie). We got to see 2 more minutes of the movie, and then the fire alarms went off. In the entire mall. We left. Pyro's on the loose.

A few things that struck me as odd:
As soon as the movie stopped the first time, in a flash, the majority of the audience got out their cell phones and called everybody they knew to describe exactly what was happening. This makes me wonder how torturous it really is for some people to keep their cell phones off for a continuous 2 hours during a movie. Also, if I were said friend receiving a call from my buddy who was in a movie theater when the projector stopped, I would seriously reconsider my reasons for having such a buddy in the first place.

I had never been in a large public place when a fire alarm has gone off. School fire drills, and college dorm pranks don't count. The first thing I noticed was how many people just ignored it and kept doing what they were doing. People were still in line for movie tickets, still eating in restaurants, and still entering *into* the mall. A few waitresses of the restaurants were rushing around trying to get bills to people before they left, but I really didn't see anyone stopping their meals and heading for the door. And even after the announcement to not enter the garage because of smoke, people kept shuffling right down the stairs to the basement garage. To their DEATHS!

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