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Month May 2003

When Comics Are King

Chatting with Alex about comics lately reminded me of this web comic from a few years back, which I hadn't looked at in a long time. When I Am King uses graphical storytelling in some of the best (and absurd) ways I've ever seen, especially on the web. It's well worth a look if you […]

What a…

Jackass star jailed in Sweden. Not surprising really. But it's not every day you get a quote like this in a news article: bq. He is now sitting in a cell on a special toilet with an alien object in his stomach. We are waiting for it to come out so we can analyse the […]

Pondering Academia

Just returned from a long weekend back east, where I got to see my sister's graduation. If intelligence and accomplishment can be measured by the number of Greek and Latin letters and phrases surrounding someone's name in a graduation program, well, my sister is pretty damn smart. I'm incredibly proud of her and amazed by […]

The Birdcage Reloaded

Larry Wachowski a transexual? I also read he occasionally likes to be called Lara, and the woman he is now seeing is a dominatrix. Guess that explains Trinity's character. Wow, what a silly celebrity gossip column type story to post. I couldn't resist.

Apple Music ad

Caught my first Apple Music ad on TV today, and of course it was the guy singing “Baby Got Back”. Apple had has the new ads online, but it looks like they're down now. I'm hoping they start running the little kid singing Eminem's “Lose Yourself”. It's pretty intense. I have yet to buy a […]

Perdido Street finished

Finally finished Perdido Street Station by China Mieville, and I think I know why it took me so long to get through the last half of it. I just wasn't all that interested in it anymore. To me, the last half of the book wasn't nearly as engrossing as the first half. All of the […]

Matrix Reloaded thoughts

There are opinions galore out there, so I'll keep my own petty ramblings as short as possible (a few spoilers ahead). It was fun. I won't deny the fact that I enjoyed the ride (most of the time). Disliked: Zion and the dragging scenes of pseudo-philosophical dialogue. Liked: Kung-fu and the campy humor (some intentional, […]

I like my ____

Prompted by a number of jokes with friends in the past couple weeks, I thought I'd start a collection of these. It all started one morning when somebody made a coffee run at work. “How do you like your coffee?” “I like my coffee like I like my women…” Everybody's made this joke before, and […]

Recent movie round-up

OK, finally finished up this entry I've been assembling the past couple days… Watched quite a bit over this past weekend, catching up on a couple films I'd been meaning to see for way too long (and one I've seen a half-dozen times already). A quick rundown of Rivers and Tides, The Matrix, Cube 2, […]

Worlds colliding left and right

I can't resist posting this as well (via Cup of Chicha)… Brown creative writing professor Matthew Derby, whom I had the pleasure of taking a hypertext fiction class from, has a new collection of stories out, Super Flat Times. Probably one of the best professors I had in my college career, and by far the […]

Where’s my Survivor: Antarctica?

After last night's close of another season of Survivor, we were given a sneak peak for the location of the next Survivor, as they always do, in a desperate effort not to lose the few viewers CBS has (primarily from Survivor in the first place). The Pearl Islands, off the coast of Panama? C'mon, I'm […]

Carnivorous contest?

Snippet from a cell phone conversation I overheard today: “This isn't going to be a carnivorous contest… No, don't you know that elephants can live on grass…” I am so confused. Any theories on what this could possibly have been about? Is somebody pitting two elephants against each other in an eating contest? A vegetarian-only […]

Bring it on Swayze

The nights of intense, vivid dreams come in waves. This week brought some crazy anxiety dreams, a few inspiring ones, and a couple just plain bizarre. The strangest of which went something like this: I was wandering through a forest and came to a clearing, where there was a small cabin. It was a modern, […]


If you can name the artist that the title Site/Nonsite refers to, I'll give you… um… an e-mail pat on the back. (hint: go ahead and Google, if you need to) As a routine at the end of one month and the beginning of the next, I'm going to post some of the amusing search […]

I sort of saw X-Men 2

Saturday evening, some friends and I decided to see X2, since we were downtown and it was still early enough to avoid the later crowds. We got through almost the whole movie without a hitch…