Bulletproof Pagan Soccer Nature

I don't recommend Bulletproof Monk unless, well, no, there really isn't any reason to go see it. I'd say the one moment that made me smile was a slo-mo shot of Chow Yun Fat with a gun in each hand. It was a nice, but too-short (and rather out of place) homage to the old days of The Killer and Hard Boiled.

But… In front of Bulletproof Monk there was a trailer for Shaolin Soccer, which I had completely forgotten about until now. Its been out in Asia and Europe for a while, and I found a divx copy online. Can't wait to watch it later. Looks to me like Asians doing a spoof of Americans mimicking/spoofing Asian kung-fu and effects films. That's right, show Hollywood the way it *should* be done.

Its been around for a while now, but I just recently caught the Bjork music video for Pagan Poetry. Quite intense.

Also, I recently saw Human Nature which was put together by the dream-team of director Michel Gondry (most famous for his music videos, including some of Bjork's most famous), writer Charlie Kaufman, and producer Spike Jonze. Great movie, and quite twisted. I'd expect nothing less from these guys.

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