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Watched a few good movies this weekend.

* Jimmy Neutron was fun. I'd seen bits of it on a plane trip, but now I was able to enjoy it in it's full mindless kid-movie glory.
* Dogtown and Z-Boys was engrossing and interesting for a while, but fizzled a bit towards the end.
* The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys was depressing. Overall I liked it, but while the animation/live-action juxtapositions occasionally worked, they more often just felt out of place. If the animation syle had kept a look more like the rough pencils in the boys' sketchbooks, rather than the bad Saturday-morning-cartoon aesthetic, it may have worked better.

Between TV shows on Fox this weekend, I caught a 5-minute slo-mo montage of war scenes, put to the over-the-top patriotic score from Saving Private Ryan, with occasional inspirational lines from what sounded like Mr. Voice. At the end, the logo fades in: “Fox News: Fair and Balanced.” Liquid that was entering my mouth at that moment, was partially sprayed out of my mouth.

3 thoughts on “Entertainment consuming

  1. Andy

    I like watching FOX news because it’s so darn entertaining. All the speculation, guessing, over-the-top “reporting” (Geraldo).. it’s so much fun it’s depressing.

  2. andrewgd

    I like the 6 am crew where they have a crew of 3 sitting around a coffee table sipping at thier morning brew and tapping on their laptops. They get a standard pretty-boy meathead, a dumb blonde, and a token black guy. Its sort-of like The View on Iraq.

    Meathead: “Now, I’m just talking off the top of my head here, but what happens if we DON’T find Saddam?”

    Dumb-Blonde: “Ah ha ha ha ha! I don’t think that really matters does it?”

    Meathead: “Oh, well in World War…which was it? Right! World War II we never found whats his name.”

    Token: “Hitler. And don’t forget the leader of Northern Vietnam.”

  3. The Admiral

    wait a minute, are you guys saying this war is real? Yeah, and we really ‘landed on the moon,’ too. I bet next you’re gonna tell me aliens *didn’t* land in my apartment last night.

    wait, forget i said that last part


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