April 2003
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Month April 2003

Making the Interweb Funny

Welcome to Liz who just got her own weblog set up. Feed us the funny, from the world of real estate and cosmetic surgery (that was meant to imply that cosmetic surgery is prominent in the real estate world, not that Liz has cosmetic surgery). I was also introduced to Izzle Pfaff the other day. […]

Mt. Si

Hiked up Mt. Si this past weekend. It was a 4 mile trek up to the top, going from an elevation of 500 ft. at the parking lot to 3900 ft. Then a pretty hairy rock-scramble up the last 267 ft. to the summit. Quite a view from the top. (The full-size image is 440k.) […]


Introducting Cliquester (alpha). One satisfied member says, “This is the best thing since the Cool Playground Club that Janie and I formed in fourth grade!” I couldn't resist tossing this Friendster parody together after getting three invitations to join Friendster a couple weeks ago. In actuality, I think Friendster is a pretty neat idea. I'm […]


Yes, I use Movabletype and I quite like it, but it is becoming more and more corporate. Sure, the capitalist in me is all for profitting off a good idea, but there's perhaps more potential in services that remain free, open source, and non-proprietary. While MT and their new TypePad (yeah, the name is pretty […]

Easter ’03 Highlights

Bulletproof Pagan Soccer Nature

I don't recommend Bulletproof Monk unless, well, no, there really isn't any reason to go see it. I'd say the one moment that made me smile was a slo-mo shot of Chow Yun Fat with a gun in each hand. It was a nice, but too-short (and rather out of place) homage to the old […]

Visit to Portland

I thoroughly enjoyed my short trip down to Portland over the weekend. The Cardboard Box Theatre Company's production of Veronica's Room was spectacular. Once again, my best compliments and praise to you guys for a great performance. So many other little things about the trip and the city that I could go into… People and […]

Roller shoes

I dreamt I was wearing a pair of roller shoes. The contraptions that look like regular, thick-soled shoes, but have little flip-out wheels on the heel. I was rolling down a long sterile white hallway, with rows of bright flourescent lights along the ceiling. The walls slowly changed from vertical to curved, then back again. […]

My apartment building

Now you know where to find me in case you wanted to visit.

Entertainment consuming

Watched a few good movies this weekend. * Jimmy Neutron was fun. I'd seen bits of it on a plane trip, but now I was able to enjoy it in it's full mindless kid-movie glory. * Dogtown and Z-Boys was engrossing and interesting for a while, but fizzled a bit towards the end. * The […]

A stretch what?

I saw one of these driving around downtown yesterday. Ridiculous. It took at least 30 seconds to turn a corner. I'm glad to see our military technology going to great use. I think in a month or two we'll see the GM No-Really-I-Have-the-Biggest-Penis, Road-Ready M1A1 Abrahms Tank tooling around suburbia.

In the Battle Zone

That's the subtitle they currently have up on MSNBC. A live broadcast from a reporter who's on the frontlines with some marines trying to take a bridge, just south of Baghdad. Some snippets I couldn't resist sharing: The news anchor asks the reporter if they're on the offensive or defensive and he responds, “The Iraqi's […]

To do or to sleep?

My to-do list is approaching the length of my to-read list, which is approaching the length of my places to-go list, and my films to-see list. With the rather slow rate at which I've been consuming books, movies, places and projects lately, the backlog is only growing. The Uberman's Sleep Schedule or Polyphasic sleep has […]