The 75th Annual Golden Statue Thingies

The Academy of Motion Picture yadda, yadda… must have known what they were in for when they decided to give Michael Moore an Oscar and a minute or so in front of the microphone. I admire Moore for trying to make the most of it, especially backed-up by the rest of the Documentary Feature nominees, but his heavy-handed tactics relegate him to the status of liberal fanatic (although now a liberal fanatic with an Oscar). I would like to think the boo's he received were more for his brute-force approach, than for the content of the speech, but I think that's mostly wishful thinking. Most disheartening was that a few minutes later, a quick jab by Steve Martin could get the audience and the viewers at home to dismiss Moore as even more of a loose nut. I tend to agree with most of what the loose-nut, liberal fanatic has to say, but sometimes I just wish he'd say it without the groan-inducing sermons.

5 thoughts on “The 75th Annual Golden Statue Thingies

  1. Andy

    I agree with ya… at first I thought he might try the subtle approach.. but what was I thinking? He’s Michael Moore.. he always has to make a scene. If he didn’t go “nutso” people might have actually listened to what he had to say and taken him more seriously.
    The talk about a “fictional president” and “fictional war” was really just confusing. I don’t think “fictional” is the right word in that context.
    So, to sum up, good for Adrian Brody.

  2. SamX

    Actually, my understanding is that boos *were* more for the brute-force approach than for the context. After all, nobody booed Susan Sarandon or Adrien Brody or any of the other people who made anti-war comments. (Salon had a whole article about this, but I’m too lazy to find a link right now.)


  3. lopolis

    Indeed, I did read a number of articles after-the-fact that said the same regarding the nature of the boos. But from what I recall, most of the other anti-war comments from Brody et al, were more general “sufferring is bad, I hope this ends soon.” Well, duh. That’s about the most politically correct (and at the same time non-political) way of putting it. Moore was the only one I remember actually taking a political stand against the cause of the war.

  4. Surge

    ………….*shrug* I think antiwar is an opinion, thus, are allowed to be expressed. Anyone who doesn’t agree just utilized their right to opinion, therefore contradict themselves. Booyaka.


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