Morning habits

We're all full of little habits and rituals. Here are a few I've picked up on my daily walk to work:

* When I leave my apartment, I always look left down the street to see if the mountains are visible.
* I note how many people are waiting in line for coffee at the independent espresso stand (2) as opposed to the chain espresso stand (6).
* I sip from my mug of cheap, over-sweetened, home-brewed coffee.
* I inhale deeply as I walk by the Russian bakery.
* If it's raining I walk under the store awnings.
* If it's clear I look across the street and down the hill to see what kind of composition the clouds, sun, mountains and Space Needle make today.
* I notice whether the struggling writer is on the street corner selling his short stories, poems, or newspapers. (I bought his poems for $3 one day, and was somewhat disappointed.)
* I see the homeless man that is always reading. He has a different book than he had yesterday.
* I notice whether the car with the “I♥Yoga” sticker or the car with the Nader/LaDuke sticker is in the natural healing workshop's parking lot.
* I nod and smile at the man waiting outside the bike shop for his manager to come and unlock the doors.
* I look at distribution box, at the paper's cover for the week, then open the gate and wait for the elevator.

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