Monthly Archives: March 2003

Lighter fare

There I was publishing the websites for the Stranger and the Portland Mercury as I all-too-often do on Wednesdays, when lo and behold I see a familiar face in the Mercury's theater section. Upon closer inspection of the article, I found it was indeed a member of the Cardboard Box Theatre Company, and a review of their production! Congrats on a great review!

Hiphop has a new name: Ill Mitch. The Stranger even gives him their recommendation this week.

A few lighter looks at current events, including the Oscars.

Last but not least, the Jackass movie is out on DVD.

Recent troubles

Seems the past few weeks have brought nothing but sad story after devastating news. A number of friends dealing with hard times and horrible tragedies, a frightening experience in my own family, and then there's the messed up country we live in and the thousands of tragedies (travesties?) being committed in the name of Democracy. There's never any rhyme or reason to these things. Whether the tragedies occur on a smaller, more personal scale, or on a war-size scale, they are all equally difficult to understand. I don't claim to have any enlightening words of wisdom, I just wanted to give my wish for peace and comfort to those affected in all places.

The 75th Annual Golden Statue Thingies

The Academy of Motion Picture yadda, yadda… must have known what they were in for when they decided to give Michael Moore an Oscar and a minute or so in front of the microphone. I admire Moore for trying to make the most of it, especially backed-up by the rest of the Documentary Feature nominees, but his heavy-handed tactics relegate him to the status of liberal fanatic (although now a liberal fanatic with an Oscar). I would like to think the boo's he received were more for his brute-force approach, than for the content of the speech, but I think that's mostly wishful thinking. Most disheartening was that a few minutes later, a quick jab by Steve Martin could get the audience and the viewers at home to dismiss Moore as even more of a loose nut. I tend to agree with most of what the loose-nut, liberal fanatic has to say, but sometimes I just wish he'd say it without the groan-inducing sermons.

Morning habits

We're all full of little habits and rituals. Here are a few I've picked up on my daily walk to work:

* When I leave my apartment, I always look left down the street to see if the mountains are visible.
* I note how many people are waiting in line for coffee at the independent espresso stand (2) as opposed to the chain espresso stand (6).
* I sip from my mug of cheap, over-sweetened, home-brewed coffee.
* I inhale deeply as I walk by the Russian bakery.
* If it's raining I walk under the store awnings.
* If it's clear I look across the street and down the hill to see what kind of composition the clouds, sun, mountains and Space Needle make today.
* I notice whether the struggling writer is on the street corner selling his short stories, poems, or newspapers. (I bought his poems for $3 one day, and was somewhat disappointed.)
* I see the homeless man that is always reading. He has a different book than he had yesterday.
* I notice whether the car with the “I♥Yoga” sticker or the car with the Nader/LaDuke sticker is in the natural healing workshop's parking lot.
* I nod and smile at the man waiting outside the bike shop for his manager to come and unlock the doors.
* I look at distribution box, at the paper's cover for the week, then open the gate and wait for the elevator.

Shifts in the subconscious

The past few nights have been full of strange dreams. A number of them were nearly lucid dreams, where I started to take control of my actions, but I couldn't quite connect with things. A recurring theme/experience throughout these dreams was old friends and acquaintances. I had conversations or spent with some people I'd nearly forgotten about from grade school, highschool, and other scattered places in the past. I wanted to achieve lucidity and ask these people some questions that always lingered in the back of my mind, but I lost it.

Content and more content

I just spent quite a while copying most of my old web log entries over into this new setup. They're all back-dated and appear in the archives. Speaking of which, I really need to set up a main archive page where all my old posts and categories are easily navigable.

In case you were interested, Daily is back underway.

Some interesting search terms that have brought people to my site this month:

* drawing elephants
* talking to oneself
* papercut
* fire alarm collections
* playboy twins
* elephants and poop

Unfortunately, the Google results are all for my old Collections page, and are mostly dead URLs now. I'm not sure if I should put pages back up where people are trying to hit, or whether I should just wait for the Google-bot to come visit again and fix it all. The new links above should help.

This and that

Sitting here listening to music, surfing the web and posting this entry, all on my brand new baby. What a beautiful little machine.

After a week of taking it slow, my wrist is doing much better. Coincidentally, at work our general manager put out a helpful ergonomics guide. There's much that can and will be done with my work setup to help prevent these tendonitis/carpal-tunnel problems from returning.

A while back I also put together this little page. The idea was first to test the XML feed/syndication feature on a few web pages and it turned into a nifty little portal site of my regular visited web pages. Much better than the ads and the mess of the page I'd been using for too long.