Taking it slow

My wrist is telling me I need to start taking it a bit slower with this web stuff. No, not *that* web stuff. Too much motivation and too many ideas and projects for my poor little tendons to keep up with. Aside from working left-handed, anyone have any suggestions on carpal-tunnel prevention? In the meantime, I think my site will quiet down for a while.

3 thoughts on “Taking it slow

  1. Sam

    Yes – stretch a lot. If you google “wrist stretches” you’ll find all kinds of stuff. Also, do strengthening exercises for your hands, wrists and forearms. (Those are on the web too, of course.)

    And of course, set yourself up with as ergonomic a desk as you can. Keyboard tray, raised monitor, etc.

    Hope that helps! Take care of yourself.


  2. sam y

    indeed, excercise. had nasty shin splints a few years back, which is a bone problem, yet excercise helped a lot. you could try those weird looking purple carpal tunnel prevention gloves. i hear they work pretty well.

    other sam

  3. lopolis

    Thanks for the advice, X and Y. I’ve been doing much of what you two, the internet, my coworkers and my own common sense all suggest and it has helped a lot. I’ve figured out that my biggest problem has been poor use of my mousepad’s wrist rest. Word on the street is that this ergonomics thing is all the rage in the offices these days.


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