Days of synchronicity

The past few days have had that feeling of everything falling into place, making sense, and connecting with a purpose. I've had some great conversations with friends and coworkers about everything from art to journalism to programming to music. Fiction and news stories that I've read lately have all connected to one another and to my own experiences, which leaves me with a feeling of excitement and motivation. Almost too many ideas are coming to me now, and I need to pick and choose my projects and my priorities. But every piece contributes to the whole and I embrace the flood of ideas and the excitement and let it flow into the rest of my life.

2 thoughts on “Days of synchronicity

  1. lopolis

    If it were that easy, I’d gladly share it with everyone I could. It comes in waves, and speaking from experience, sometimes it can take months of nothing before anything even begins to fall into place. But regardless, I’ll still work on channeling some positive energy in your direction.


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