Dreams come and go

Some weeks bring better and more easily remembered dreams than others. The pieces I remember from the past few days…

-A number of anxiety dreams, focussing around finishing projects on time. I always manage to catch myself and realize its a dream before I ever reach the point of breakdown, and then it becomes fun.

-I dreamt of a heavy snowfall (a couple inches) in Seattle, which caught everyone by surprise, and shut down the city for days. The next day I found out that overnight it snowed 6 inches in my hometown in Connecticut.

-After finishing a book about Mt. Everest, I had a series of mountaineering dreams. Trudging uphill through many feet of snow, gasping for breath in the high altitude.

-Just the other night I had a wonderful lucid dream. Not all that wonderful in the content, but wonderful in the way that I took control. I dreamt I was at a party and wanted to chat with some people. Their attention was elsewhere, and I knew I'd upset them if I butted in, and I knew exactly how they'd react and what they'd say. I then realized I was dreaming (how could I have known every reaction and every word they would say to me?). I decided to take control of the dream and do what I wanted (talk with the people, without the others getting upset. although I normally decide to just start flying). At that point I remember concentrating on splitting my dream into a new set of rules. In this new world, the people I was approaching were no longer preoccupied. While I did manage to alter the dream world a bit, I also knew in the back of my head that the original world still existed. It had drifted out into the realm of all the other billions of dream possibilities, and I had chosen a new one with a slightly different outcome.

And now it is time to get to sleep and find a few more of those dream worlds to play with.


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  1. The Admiral,

    Ah dreams, the one place where anything can happen. I’ve had some good ones lately…i think we need to chat about them sometime :-)

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