Monthly Archives: February 2003

Taking it slow

My wrist is telling me I need to start taking it a bit slower with this web stuff. No, not *that* web stuff. Too much motivation and too many ideas and projects for my poor little tendons to keep up with. Aside from working left-handed, anyone have any suggestions on carpal-tunnel prevention? In the meantime, I think my site will quiet down for a while.

Days of synchronicity

The past few days have had that feeling of everything falling into place, making sense, and connecting with a purpose. I've had some great conversations with friends and coworkers about everything from art to journalism to programming to music. Fiction and news stories that I've read lately have all connected to one another and to my own experiences, which leaves me with a feeling of excitement and motivation. Almost too many ideas are coming to me now, and I need to pick and choose my projects and my priorities. But every piece contributes to the whole and I embrace the flood of ideas and the excitement and let it flow into the rest of my life.

Train wreck

I dreamt I was on a family vacation, staying in a cottage by a lake. Around the lake ran a train that was maybe half the size of a normal train. My sister and I were still able to fit inside and as we rode it around the lake, it crashed head-on into another train coming the opposite way on the same track. I remember the train wreck being enormous and earth-shaking, even though they were such small trains. My sister and I magically appeared outside the trains as they crashed, so we watched it all happen from safety. After the crash, we looked at each other in disbelief and began lifting massive pieces of the wreckage, entangled with body-parts, off of the track. We made sure the train track was clear, to allow the next passing train to get by safely, and then we walked the rest of the way to our cabin.

Introducing ten10

Last night I put together ten10 as a home for the music-swapping group some friends and I started. It should be a fun way to expand our musical tastes and I hope the website grows as a place for us (or anyone) to share their thoughts on our musical adventure.

Dreams come and go

Some weeks bring better and more easily remembered dreams than others. The pieces I remember from the past few days…

-A number of anxiety dreams, focussing around finishing projects on time. I always manage to catch myself and realize its a dream before I ever reach the point of breakdown, and then it becomes fun.

-I dreamt of a heavy snowfall (a couple inches) in Seattle, which caught everyone by surprise, and shut down the city for days. The next day I found out that overnight it snowed 6 inches in my hometown in Connecticut.

-After finishing a book about Mt. Everest, I had a series of mountaineering dreams. Trudging uphill through many feet of snow, gasping for breath in the high altitude.

-Just the other night I had a wonderful lucid dream. Not all that wonderful in the content, but wonderful in the way that I took control. I dreamt I was at a party and wanted to chat with some people. Their attention was elsewhere, and I knew I'd upset them if I butted in, and I knew exactly how they'd react and what they'd say. I then realized I was dreaming (how could I have known every reaction and every word they would say to me?). I decided to take control of the dream and do what I wanted (talk with the people, without the others getting upset. although I normally decide to just start flying). At that point I remember concentrating on splitting my dream into a new set of rules. In this new world, the people I was approaching were no longer preoccupied. While I did manage to alter the dream world a bit, I also knew in the back of my head that the original world still existed. It had drifted out into the realm of all the other billions of dream possibilities, and I had chosen a new one with a slightly different outcome.

And now it is time to get to sleep and find a few more of those dream worlds to play with.

Aspiring to celebrity

I saw a number of “celebrities” this weekend. I put it in quotes because these weren't the celebrities that you'd recognize if you saw them on the street, and they definitely wouldn't have swarms of fans and followers, even if they were recognized. But regardless, I began thinking about the idea of “celebrity” and how in their own way everyone strives for it. I'm not saying everyone wants to be a J.Lo or a Brad Pitt, but everyone wants to be recognized and respected in a certain way, either in their own field, circle of friends, or just by a few people they respect. These thoughts, and the events of this weekend got me wondering about the way “celebrity” affects everyone. Countless essays, books, and papers have been written on this subject, but I still marvel at the basic reactions of respect and admiration. Why is one person signing his autograph for another, and not vice-versa? Whether or not the “celebrity” is worthy of all the admiration, is a question of abilities, effort, accomplishments, name, friends, and quite a lot of luck. Everyone else? Well, I suppose we'll keep trying.

Messing with the site

I've been playing with the geeky undercarriage of my site, changing a few things here and there, and then converting over to a different database system. Its been fun tackling these little technical bits and pieces and it looks like the only real “damage” I did was to no longer have my most recent entries on the front page. I'll just have to write more and fill it up again. Its been an insanely busy week at work, so I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend of personal projects and productivity (fingers crossed).