The Drink/Skill Equilibrium

Upon the discovery of a local Irish pub that has a genuine dart board (none of this electronic crap), some friends and I have since taken up dart throwing after work, every once in a while. Much like other bar games (ie. pool, or umm… pool), there are some rules of ettiquette, but more often you're playing with friends rather than strangers, so ettiquette gives way to trash-talking, mocking, laughing, friendly bets, challenges, and another round or two of beer. As with pool, there is also a certain inebriation/ability correspondence, and after a couple drinks, skill increases 10-fold. Enjoy this window while you can, because it only lasts until your next drink, when skill begins decreasing at an exponential rate. Once skill (or lack thereof) reaches critical mass, you know it is time to stop. These observations are nothing revolutionary, I know, but I just find all of the patterns and nuances in these everyday (well, not quite *every* day) events fascinating.

We have also discovered through trial and error (and more error) that the drink/skill equilibrium does not hold true for any type of trivia or quiz night held in a bar or pub setting. There is a direct relationship between number of drinks consumed and number of questions answered wrong. But thankfully, in the case of trivia, there is also a direct relationship between number of drinks consumed and not caring about the trivia in the slightest.

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