Finding the words

As is often the case, I've been finding it easier to play with images lately, than to write a lot of text entries or to go and edit the guts of my new site setup. Daily is still something I've been working on, if a bit sporadically. It really shouldn't be too hard a goal to keep it living up to its name. And it shouldn't be too hard to write something here every day. Perhaps it has become too intimidating to try cataloguing my life and experiences day-to-day. Then there is the thought that nobody is really listening, especially when there are a billion and one other websites out there with just as much (if not more) self-important, angst-ridden, and more-frequently-updated content. Then I remember I work with technology and websites every day, and one of the last things I want to do is sit down at home and do the same, even if I do have plenty of self-important and angst-ridden content to share. Just some thoughts on this whole weblog thing. I'm not about to give it up, just starting to wonder what I'm doing it for and why. Heh, well, MovableType is just so nifty.

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