January 2003
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Month January 2003

The Drink/Skill Equilibrium

Upon the discovery of a local Irish pub that has a genuine dart board (none of this electronic crap), some friends and I have since taken up dart throwing after work, every once in a while. Much like other bar games (ie. pool, or umm… pool), there are some rules of ettiquette, but more often […]

Dubya’s “State of Our Almighty Empire” Address

Well, damn, we must just live in the best country ever!! We're promised huge tax breaks, better medical and retirement benefits for all, a blossoming economy, and last but definitely not least, hydrogen-fuel powered cars all within the next 10 years! Oh, and if your country looks at us sorta crooked, or even if you […]

Light at dawn

In my dream I saw a woman walking slowly across a barren, ancient battlefield, littered with the remains of wars fought many hundreds of years ago. It was just before sunrise, and as the sky began to grow brighter, she approached the top of a hill. Lying on the ground, propped against a rock was […]

Deception Pass

On Saturday I drove about an hour north of Seattle to Deception Pass State Park, where I spent the afternoon exploring, enjoying the scenery and the amazing sunset. I've watched the sunrise over the Atlantic and I realized this was the first full sunset that I've seen over the Pacific Ocean. In my 23 years […]

Finding the words

As is often the case, I've been finding it easier to play with images lately, than to write a lot of text entries or to go and edit the guts of my new site setup. Daily is still something I've been working on, if a bit sporadically. It really shouldn't be too hard a goal […]

The new Collections

I've gone and switched to this new format for my Collections site. The old site is here. I will be working on adding the old entries into this new layout. I will also be working on adjusting the look, feel and functionality of this site to get it just right.