The “real world”

I completely sympathize with all of you out there in the “real world.” Yes, people are considerably less intelligent out there(here), and there is very little “real” about any of it. “Surreal” is a much better word, I think. Most of the time I feel like I'm living in a Dilbert cartoon. Straight from the workplace…

One trainer to another: “First job out of college? Whatta ya say, Bob, he'll probably end up retiring from here.”

It is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) that if one mistakenly writes the wrong date while signing and dating a paper, they must cross out the date (with a single line), write the correct date, and then sign and date your correction.

After sitting through at least a dozen different training sessions, the trainer says:
“Now we get to the one that explains how training sessions work.”

We had an entire training session devoted to acronyms. We learned everything from OSHA, to FDA, to SOP, to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), to cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Procedure), to MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). And last but not least, CHO, which stands for Chinese Hamster Ovary (no joke).

After being asked to get a logo to animate and move across a Powerpoint slide, I show the individual the completed slide with said logo moving across it. Individual: “Oh, great, can you do that?”

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