Urinal puck hockey

At the summer camp I went to while growing up, each cabin used to have a certain chore they had to do each day. One of the chores on rotation was cleaning the bathroom/shower facility, which we called the “automat”. Chores (in this case, automat duty) came before the regularly scheduled cabin activities for the day. Well, one day when our cabin had automat duty, our counselors had the idea of combining our chores with our cabin activity. We played urinal puck hockey. We were split into teams of four, with the counselors as goal-keepers, and we were each armed with a broom, and shin-guards. One fresh, light-pink urinal puck was placed on the floor of the largest section of the automat, and the game began. To answer the most common question… No, the urinal puck does not stay in one piece for very long. It shatters quite easily, and flakes continually peel off. It usually lasted for a few goals, but a hard slap-shot or two and that would be the end of it. As young boys, at summer camp, we were still genuinely excited by the novelty of the concept. Until, of course, we realized that we had to re-clean the entire automat after our game.

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