February 2002
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Month February 2002


Right now I want to tell you about… the twins. Our department recently hired two identical twins. Melinda and Belinda. I'm serious. I have not had the priviledge of meeting the twins yet, but I've definitely seen them. Unfortunately, this is not some crazy Playboy scenario where two beautiful twins show up out of nowhere. […]

Talking to oneself

My cubicle is right next to the corner of the office area that has all of the wires and cables connected for the telephone, the computer network and the electricity. This provides for the occasional excitement of repair-men coming in and cursing at wiring problems, etc… There is also, the network technician. Now, I understand, […]

Dinner Party

I dreamt I was at home with my family and I was getting ready to go out with friends, but we had unexpected guests arrive. It was some family friends, and a bunch of British and Irish people with them. Instead of going out, I had to stay and be social with them. At dinner […]


I felt strong. No, not emotionally, or mentally. Not strong-willed, nor a strong personality, nor a strong presence. Just physically strong. The plain old, jock-esque, kind of strong. I'd never felt that before… Well, maybe once… Way back in sixth grade when arm-wrestling was the measure of popularity, and I managed to beat out another […]