Daily Archives: January 28, 2002

Phone conversation

I got a call at work and this was the conversation (nearly word-for-word):

(I pick up the phone)
Chris: “Hello, this is Chris Taylor.”
Maureen (in a very high-pitched, happy voice): “Hi, this is Maureen. I just took over in this sales position at PC Connection. You placed an order with us?”
Chris: “Yes, I already received it.”
Maureen: “I know.”
Chris: “OK…”
M: “I wanted to give you my e-mail for contact information, if you ever want to place another order.”
C: “Oh, OK.”
(long pause)
M: “Well, what is it?”
C: “What's what?”
M: “Your e-mail.”
C: (gives work e-mail address) “Y'know, the person you should probably be talking to is Maureen Grant in the purchasing department.”
M: “Hey! My name's Maureen too. (giggles) I have Maureen Grant's phone number right here (recites number). She's in the purchasing department.”
C: “Yes.”
M: “Great, I'll get that contact info to you right away. (hangs up)