Monthly Archives: January 2002

Phone conversation

I got a call at work and this was the conversation (nearly word-for-word):

(I pick up the phone)
Chris: “Hello, this is Chris Taylor.”
Maureen (in a very high-pitched, happy voice): “Hi, this is Maureen. I just took over in this sales position at PC Connection. You placed an order with us?”
Chris: “Yes, I already received it.”
Maureen: “I know.”
Chris: “OK…”
M: “I wanted to give you my e-mail for contact information, if you ever want to place another order.”
C: “Oh, OK.”
(long pause)
M: “Well, what is it?”
C: “What's what?”
M: “Your e-mail.”
C: (gives work e-mail address) “Y'know, the person you should probably be talking to is Maureen Grant in the purchasing department.”
M: “Hey! My name's Maureen too. (giggles) I have Maureen Grant's phone number right here (recites number). She's in the purchasing department.”
C: “Yes.”
M: “Great, I'll get that contact info to you right away. (hangs up)


Yesterday I passed a truck for a plumbing company called, “Royal Flush.”

A few weeks ago I passed a truck for a construction company called, “Erection Specialists.”

That feeling

You go to bed four hours earlier than everyone else you know. You wake up five hours earlier. You stand under a hot shower and let the steam slowly engulf you. You rub the sleep from your eyes and stifle a yawn. A few minutes spent to feed your starving body. You take a deep breath and start the journey. You make the same turns and merges, as you try to keep your hands warm on the steering wheel. You find the right song and turn it loud enough to rattle your mirrors. Your eyes begin to water. It seems, for just a moment, that everything makes pefect sense. The world, and your life, are aligned. The feeling passes, the song ends and you begin your day.