November 2001
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Month November 2001

Work lessons

A few things I've learned working for a nameless pharmaceutical company: You can't complain about being tired and getting up early, to someone who was in the army. Anthrax jokes are not entirely appropriate at a pharmaceutical company. When two people arrive at opposite sides of an airlock, they most often hesitate, and then enter […]

Morning routine

My morning routine of getting up and going to work gets about 3 or 4 minutes longer each day. I do the same things, I just do them slower and slower. I stand an extra minute under the hot water of the shower… I pull my socks on and tie my shoes a little more […]


I got a papercut on my finger yesterday. It wasn't a big deal, but it is now at the very-dry-skin-so-the-cut-reopens-every-time-I-move-my-finger stage. This is just a royal pain in my… well, finger.