Monthly Archives: November 2001

Work lessons

A few things I've learned working for a nameless pharmaceutical company:

You can't complain about being tired and getting up early, to someone who was in the army.

Anthrax jokes are not entirely appropriate at a pharmaceutical company.

When two people arrive at opposite sides of an airlock, they most often hesitate, and then enter at the same time, thus defeating the purpose of an airlock.

The world “airlock” here is a misnomer. Our airlocks do not lock, and do not even keep out air, since there are large gaps at the bottom of the doors.

Morning routine

My morning routine of getting up and going to work gets about 3 or 4 minutes longer each day. I do the same things, I just do them slower and slower. I stand an extra minute under the hot water of the shower… I pull my socks on and tie my shoes a little more casually… I daydream while eating my oatmeal for a few more seconds… I take an extra moment getting comfortable in my car seat… I drive one or two mph closer to the speed limit… I believe it is my subconscious taking over and refusing to go to work. At the current rate of slowdown, I've calculated that if I continue working for another six months, I will have cut my workday down to nothing. An entire day of waking up and getting ready, only to see that the day is already over.


I got a papercut on my finger yesterday. It wasn't a big deal, but it is now at the very-dry-skin-so-the-cut-reopens-every-time-I-move-my-finger stage. This is just a royal pain in my… well, finger.