Monthly Archives: April 2001

Professor quotations

In discussing how people hate scrolling down web pages:
“Imagine if, in the theater, you had to scroll to see all the action while watching the movie. You'd see nothing but the tops of skyscrapers, while Godzilla is fucking shit up, down below.”

This man is truly the most entertaining professor I've ever had. Here are a few more gems…

After a student described her “half-baked” idea for a project:
“I hope you're here to finish the baking. Put that thing in the oven!”

“Don't make me get all Crouching Professor, Hidden Dragon on you!” (and then feebly attempts to run up the wall, as done in the movie)

When a student was caught chatting with another:
Student: “We can multi-task…”
Professor: (in a stern voice)- “Well, right now I'm going to micro-manage and tell you to sit down and listen.”

A different professor, about a bad project in digital art:
“It dis-suspends your suspended disbelief.”