Monthly Archives: November 2000

Wizard of Oz

I have a few bones to pick with a certain popular movie, that is, The Wizard of Oz. Upon seeing it again recently on TV, I noticed a few things that I'd like to share. First off, this movie is fucked up. Munchkin land? Lollipop guild? Tiny ballerinas? Dancing scarecrows? Flying monkeys? Somebody was messing with some serious mind-altering substances while writing this story. My second point, which is the more important one, is about the real evildoer in the movie. No, not the Wicked Witch of the West. She's pretty evil, but there is someone even worse. Yeah, I'm talking about that manipulative, conniving Good Witch of the North. Innocent little Dorothy arrives in Oz to find that she's killed the Witch of the East. She gets a little celebration, but lo and behold, the Wicked Witch of the West arrives to find out who killed her sister. More importantly, she wants to get her ruby slippers back. But no, the Good Witch decides to put them on innocent little Dorothy. Thanks a lot! Dorothy is now wearing the one thing that the Wicked Witch wants, so for the rest of the movie she is greatly imperiled, thanks to that evil Good Witch. After Dorothy narrowly escapes death a dozen times, she arrives in the Emerald City, only to find out from the Good Witch that all along she had the power to go home by using the slippers. Thanks a lot you Good-for-nothing Witch! All in all, this discovery has left me with a very bitter feeling towards the film, and especially, that manipulative bitch, the “Good” Witch.