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The zoo I went to today was pathetic. Basically there was a highway running right alongside the animal enclosures, and the actual space that these animals had to themselves was miniscule. It was a sad scene. But what was more entertaining than the poor caged animals? A group of students drawing the animals, of course!! Passersby seemed much more interested in what we were drawing than anything else. There are huge frickin' elephants, from a different continent, standing right over there, and you're looking at my drawings of them? It didn't really bother me as much as it just amused me. Here are some of the more dumb, obvious or just plain silly things I overheard…

Numerous mothers to kids and vice versa (African Elephants approx 100 ft away): “Look at the artists.”

Mother to 3yr-old daughter: “What does an elephant do?”
Daugher: “Poop.”

Older sister to younger sister: “Look at those poops… Do you want poops like that?”


Child to mother: “Why are these people drawing?”

'Intelligent' Mother to child : “He's (elephant) eating sticks, that ain't good.”

Young girl to a fellow drawing student: “Elephants are, like, so easy to draw.” When given a pencil, she proceeded to draw a bubbly looking elephant. “There, easy.”

Little girl to elephants: “Here kitty, kitty, kitty…”


22 thoughts on “Drawing elephants

  1. Katy

    I just wanted to say your drawings are really really good. I’ve just spent the past week trying to get my drawing of an elephant right but I just can’t do it. If you have any tips I would really appreciate them, also any drawings you have hanging around would be great cos i am an elephant freak. I have pictures of them and statues all over my room.
    Thanx a load

  2. carissa

    I’m not really a drawer but I too love elephants I have over two hundred elephants around my house.
    I think your drawings a great cause they show how you see them.

  3. moira

    u r the best drawer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m with katy i’m an elephant freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if u could show more drawings that would be totally awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to anybody else who is an elephant freak ELEPHANTS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ash

    well, I have over 400 hundred elephants and I don’t see what is so wonderful about your drawings. I mean I’m no artist ,but at least I can make it recognizable to the public eye. Just a thought, why don’t you try actually looking at the elephant when drawing it , it might help your “vision”. Oh yes and elephants are the best that is why I have an account set up that gains intrest which I will give away in a few years that will be put toward protecting elephants and to keep them from being abused and overrun by humans. I feel that we are losing a very special and sacred animal that should be treasured. I treasure them and I love them ever since I rode on one when I was two years old. So I love elephants I just don’t like your drawings very much. Now maybe it’s just in the eye of the beholder type of thing ,but I just have seen better.Good luck with that drawing and keep on loving elephants.

  5. Charlotte


    You rdrawing is really good I love elephants and other wild animals. I just want to say I love love love love love love love love love love your drawing I wish I could draw like you.

  6. Anna

    i love Elephants i think there the best eva!! but i think admiral shouldnt say that about what as hsaid because she has a point and im kinda with her because they arent the ‘Best’ Elephant drawings in the world im with Ash and the guy who said that she should have cancer well i hope u do have it

  7. Hayley

    i love elephants and i think there the best but i think people shoudlnt say to others u have cancer and u shouldnt because its other people’s opinions and wat they think i love ur drawings but there not the best in the world

  8. The Admiral

    maybe you’re right, i was wrong in wishing cancer upon ash.

    i should have wished cancer upon all of you.

    if ash can give his/her crappy opinion about the drawings, i can give my opinion, too.

    keep up the good work, lopolis. don’t worry about their comments, soon they’ll be dead.


  9. The Admiral

    by the way, that comment was not meant for charlotte. she had some very nice things to say. the others should take a few lessons in politeness class… before they die.

  10. The Admiral

    yeah, i noticed the first few were all pretty cool after i posted that comment. ash, hayley, and anna are on my hit list, though.

  11. Commander

    It looks like you haven’t had comments in a while so I’ll help out. I agree
    with Admiral (nice name, I have to settle for commander). I’m an artist too.
    Elephants are fun to draw and I think you have some really good ones. You just need
    to take out a few of those planning lines and you’ll have some real nice sketches.
    Keep drawing!!!☻☻☻☻☻☻☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻

  12. an african who has a life

    i think you are all very bpred and need to concentrate on real issues in life.. like elaphants being culled and poached… who cares how he draws .. it obvously makes him happy enough that he would put it on the website. no one should wish cancer upon anyone. so i think you should all go raise mony for good causes instead of sitting arguing with each other on a web page with fake names


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