Daily Archives: April 19, 2000

Star Wars rant

Luke Skywalker is an annoying, whiny farm boy. He never shuts up, he's always bitching about something new, and he's always causing trouble. He hardly grows up in the later movies either. He whines to Yoda, cries when he loses his hand, jumps off a ledge when he finds out his father is an evil Sith lord, and he can't even stand up to the Emperor. OK, so maybe some of that is justified, but overall he never quite solves his own problems, and he really isn't the hero that he's made out to be. Now that I think about, none of the main characters in the original trilogy ever solve their own problems or ever make the right decisions. The only way they survive is by pure, dumb luck. Now those Jedis in Episode I really take charge. They know what they have to do and they do it (for the most part). Unfortunately, most everything else in Episode I was horribly conceived. Does George Lucas realize how many kids' dreams he crushed when he wrote that the force comes from some microscopic creatures in your blood? Damn, now I can never be a Jedi.