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Month April 2000

Drawing elephants

The zoo I went to today was pathetic. Basically there was a highway running right alongside the animal enclosures, and the actual space that these animals had to themselves was miniscule. It was a sad scene. But what was more entertaining than the poor caged animals? A group of students drawing the animals, of course!! […]

Star Wars rant

Luke Skywalker is an annoying, whiny farm boy. He never shuts up, he's always bitching about something new, and he's always causing trouble. He hardly grows up in the later movies either. He whines to Yoda, cries when he loses his hand, jumps off a ledge when he finds out his father is an evil […]


Instead of acting out imagined adventures with a stick-sword, as I did growing up, I have taken to learning actual sword combat. Learning from an incredibly skilled teacher, I have gained some skills in sword sparring, and I've learned many Celtic/Norse sword forms. On top of that, I've had a year of stage combat training, […]

Why Escapism?

Why am I constantly searching for an escape, or a way to reinvent my reality? What is it about science fiction and fantasy worlds, or superheros and altrered realities? My entire life has consisted of pretending. When I was young, I would spend afternoons after school in the woods with my buddies, wielding sticks as […]


A short thought from a class today: In discussing the style of German expressionism in film, a question came up. What is a more “real” representation of reality? When movies have extremely detailed sets and realistic props and characters, is that an acceptable representation? The German expressionist directors created a world where the film sets […]